Every woman wants tight, tone, wrinkle-free skin and wants to know how to get it.

What Is Placenta?

As you are probably aware the placenta refers to the membranous vascular organ that develops in females during pregnancy. It lines the uterine wall and partially envelopes the fetus. The placenta is attached by the


Facial benefits of placenta rejuvenation


Unlike fillers that use synthetic substances, placenta cells are derived from humans and the treatment acti­vates and rejuvenates the cells in the face, causing a reduction in wrinkles, improvement in facial tone and color and reduction of pore size. 

There are no risks of allergic reactions. This is an ideal treatment for any patient who wants to improve volume, reduce fine lines, and improve texture of the face and neck. It's a more natural approach than fillers which may change the shape of the face.


• Any age can benefit

• Smokers are good candidates

• Response within days

• Dramatic reduction/elimination of face   wrinkles

• Physical changes with smoother, younger skin

• Generates and rebuilds your natural collagen of the face, turning back time to a much more youthful appearance

• Overall a much younger looking face for that


Why the Placenta Gives Good Results

Where all the benefits come from is inside the cells of the placenta. These are the cells that become any one of many cells in the body as a fetus is developing. For example, if the fetus is developing a nervous system, then the placenta cells will differentiate into becoming cells of the nervous system. If the fetus is developing bone cells and cartilage cells, the placenta cells will differentiate and become bone or cartilage cells. And if the fetus is developing new skin, the placenta cells will differentiate and become new perfectly youthful looking skin cells.


Now imagine the power of the placenta cells if you use them on your face. The placenta will begin to rejuve­nate the cells of your face and foster the differentia­tion of new skin cells on your face.


Harold Lawler, MD