When it comes to sexual issues, many women are private and do not discuss their issues openly with anyone, even their doctors. Unfortunately, by keeping quiet,

most women do not realize that they are not alone and there are treatments to help relieve the pain that can accompany intercourse.


What is it?

It is a multi-potent tissue matrix used to fill, cover and protect the void or defect in human body. Covering from head to toe, therefore it works amazingly for face and vagina. Regenerating collagen for face, replenishing and rejuvenating all tissue types in vagina i.e.- clitoris, G-spot, labia, and lubricating glands. These are totipotent cells and an allograft, meaning it's prepared from a human, and is acceptable to humans. Thus, is non-hormonal with no side effects and highly acceptable to the human body. Preparation of these multi active cells are from strictly screened human tissue [placenta). All selected cases are thoroughly checked for past medical history and social history.


At cesarean section the placenta retained and is pro­cessed through high level technology to extract these highly multi-potent cells. The 1.5 cc, then is injected in areas needed to be regenerated to regain the youthful quality needed to be functional. Since the early 1900s the product has been used in burn case, open wounds and orthopedic cases. It is only recently, for first time is being used to the nerves and tissues around the vagina, to enhance the sensitivity, arousal and orgasm. Thus, rejuvenating all over the organ that have become old with time or have lost their sensitivity because of increasing stress in life.


Facial benefits of placenta rejuvenation



Patients have experienced amazing results, needing only one office visit that lasts approximately 20 minutes. It is unlike treatment for men which involves oral tablets with strict time restrictions and possible serious side effects and providing little to no long-term benefits. This procedure is contrast, rejuvenates the body parts as nature meant them to be.


  • Any age can see results

  • Response within days

  • Reduction or elimination of painful sex

  • Increased natural vaginal lubrication

  • Dramatic increase in sexual arousal

  • Increase in vaginal and clitoral sensitivity

  • Physical changes in labia (thickening)



Labia - Shown to have thickening of the lips, change in color and appearance, enhanced sensation and receptivity. Altogether, thus results in tightening of the vaginal opening.

Vagina - Regenerates vaginal lining and    enhances sensation and lubrication.



Harold Lawler, MD