Vaginal rejuvenation



These multi-active cells are prepared from strictly screened human tissue (placenta). All selected cases are thoroughly checked for past medical and social history.

At the cesarean section, the placenta is retained and processed through high-level technology to extract these highly-potent cells. The 1.5 c.c. then is used to inject the cells into areas needed to be regenerated to regain the youthful quality necessary to be functional.

Summarizing the Product

The product that we use is a multi-potent tissue matrix used to fill, cover, and protect the void or defected area of the human skin. Covering from head to toe, it works amazingly for the face and vagina. It helps regenerate collagen of the face and replenish all tissue types in the vagina including the clitoris, G-spot, labia, and lubricating glands.